Other than perhaps a sore back…

What’s holding you back the most?

You struggle to find and keep
engaged employees

You don’t have a succession plan and it scares the shit out of you

Your Vision, Purpose and Guiding Principles are not crystal clear

You don’t know how to share profits
without putting yourself and your company at risk

If you can relate to any of these, then I can help.
Or I can just give you a few tips on helping that sore back.

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Insights & Resources

Hear How Open Book
Management And
Transparency Build Great
Landscape Company

April 17, 2020

Ryan talks about open book
management and how it’s helped to
create a more accountable workforce
and positive company culture within
his business.

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About me

After growing my landscaping company the hard way for 15 years, I realized the toll it was having on me — mentally, physically and emotionally.

It was all on me and I hated it. I was seriously tempted to just walk away from it all at least a dozen times.

In 2005, a friend of mine introduced me to Open Book Management as a way of operating and I was hooked. I remember saying “If I can’t run my company this way, I don’t want to have a company at all.”

I can’t say the transformation was easy but it was sure worth it. We defined and devised ways to use our Vision, Purpose and our Guiding Principals so we could move towards our defined success and hire the right people. We began to teach our employees financial literacy so we all knew exactly how we made and spent money.

We opened our books and created financial and non-financial scoreboards so rewards were based on performance and not some arbitrary CEO-decided Christmas bonus. We hosted a weekly 1-hour huddle for all staff to review the scoreboards and to keep all of us on track. We created a leadership culture to grow and honor our people. Then, we tied it all together with our branding so our staff, our customers and our community knew exactly what we were all about.

In 2016, I made the move to sell a good portion of the company to three of my key people. This next generation of leaders ensures the landscaping company I started will not only continue beyond me but also thrive without me. Now, I’m showing other landscaping company owners how to do the same.