OWNERSHIP RULE #3 of 14: The Bigger the Pie, the Bigger the Individual Slices.

Building a thriving landscaping company isn’t just about landscaping; it’s also about people. Our ownership team was recently working on the next level of our plan to continue to bring more employees into ownership when the time becomes right. The question is, “When is the time right, and what do we need to do to set everyone up for the potential of actual ownership or the next best thing, psychic ownership? 

Jack Stack’s Ownership Rule #3, “The Bigger the Pie, the Bigger the Individual Slices,” offers some great insights for not only growing your landscaping business but also ensuring that your employees are an integral part of the journey. In this article, we will explore how this rule can empower your employees and create a win-win scenario as you expand your landscaping company.

Fostering a Collaborative Culture

Stack’s rule encourages a shift in mindset from merely increasing profits to creating a collaborative and inclusive work environment. As the pie grows, so should the opportunities for your employees to share in the win they help create.

  1. Profit Sharing and Incentives. One of the ways to involve your employees in the success of your landscaping company is by implementing profit-sharing programs and incentives. When the company prospers, it’s only fair that those who contributed to its growth share in the rewards. Create a transparent profit-sharing system that allows employees to see how their hard work directly impacts their financial well-being. This is at the very heart of a company that practices Open Book Management the way The Great Game of Business teaches. 
  2. Skill Development and Career Growth. As your landscaping company expands, so should the skill sets of your employees. Invest in training and development programs and  Landscaping business management software like LMN to help your team members acquire new skills and advance in their careers. When employees see that their growth aligns with the company’s expansion, they become more motivated to contribute to its success.
  3. Employee Ownership Options. Consider offering employee ownership options, such as stock or equity in the company. This not only provides a tangible stake in the business but also encourages employees to think and act like owners, driving them to contribute their best to help grow the pie. To date, our small business, Creative Roots Landscaping, has brought five employees into ownership!
  4. Recognition and Appreciation. Recognition and appreciation go a long way in motivating employees. Acknowledge and celebrate their contributions regularly, whether through awards, bonuses, or public recognition. When employees feel valued, they are more likely to take ownership of their roles and help the company thrive.
  5. Involving Employees in Decision-Making. Empower your employees by involving them in important decision-making processes. Seek their input and ideas for expanding services, improving operations, and growing the company. This not only harnesses their creativity but also makes them feel invested in the company’s direction.
  6. Building a Unified Team. As the pie grows, it’s crucial to ensure that your team remains cohesive and aligned with the company’s mission. Promote teamwork, open communication, and a shared sense of purpose. A united team can achieve more significant accomplishments and share in the sense of achievement.


Jack Stack’s Ownership Rule #3 offers valuable guidance not only for expanding your landscaping business but also for empowering your employees and creating a culture of shared success. By fostering an environment where employees have opportunities to share in the win they help create, you can motivate them to contribute their best efforts, which, in turn, will fuel the company’s growth.

Remember that your employees are not just workers; they are an integral part of your company’s success story. As the pie gets bigger, it’s not just about having larger slices for yourself; it’s about ensuring that everyone who played a role in making that pie bigger gets a fair and rewarding slice. In doing so, you not only grow your landscaping company but also build a loyal and dedicated team that will continue to support and contribute to its growth for years to come.


Jack Stack’s Ownership Rule #2, “A company isn’t worth anything if nobody wants to own it,” holds profound significance in the landscaping industry. In an environment where client satisfaction, reputation, and quality work are paramount, fostering an ownership mentality among employees is critical. When everyone in the organization thinks and acts like an owner, the company’s worth increases by attracting and retaining clients, enhancing its reputation, and ensuring the quality of its work. Furthermore, an ownership mentality drives employee engagement and retention, making the company an attractive and valuable entity in the long run.

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