rethinking the business of landscaping.

Open-Book Management
Application Form

  • Do you have at least 2 people, besides yourself, who you trust and believe have the business’s best interest in mind?
  • Can you and 2-4 key employees set aside at least 2 hours weekly to get your “game” going? 
  • Have you heard of Open Book Management and The Great Game of Business?
  • Are you at a business point where you feel something has to change?
  • Are you willing to be challenged by me and a peer group?

Do you believe 

  • That people at all levels of the company have the ability and desire to learn the business and actively contribute to its success? 
  • By teaching people the business, you can begin to trust them to make better decisions. 
  • That you can teach people what you know about the business. 
  • That you don’t have all the answers to improving the business. 
  • That people should share in the wealth that they help create. 
  • That being open and transparent with information creates benefits that far outweigh the drawbacks or risks.

If you have answered yes to these questions then it is time to get your “Game” started by filling the form below:

Put down that shovel.

It’s time to rethink your landscaping business.

Starts November 15th.
12 Seats Only!

$13,995 USD


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