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Put down that shovel.

It’s time to rethink your landscaping business.

Starts Fall 2024
One Company Ticket – up to 3 attendees. $13,995 USD!

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My Value Promise.

12-week Get-In-The Game Masterclass plus 9 months of 1-on-1 and peer support. I will coach you to implement Open Book Management into your landscaping business.

Ryan Markewich

Advisor / Coach / Owner: Rmark
Founder / Shareholder: CreativeRoots Landscaping

“Almost two decades ago, I chose to run my landscaping business using the Open Book Management system called the Great Game of Business. Looking back now, I can honestly say it was the best move I ever made. I have now brought five employees into ownership, spend very little time worrying about the day-to-day, live my winters in Mexico, am the longest practicing and only certified coach in the green industry worldwide, and now teach others how I did it.”

– Ryan Markewich

Get In The Game Course


By the end of this 12-week implementation plan, you
should expect to see these outcomes:

“I think the way Ryan’s business operates and his leadership style is incredible. Any contractor/owner would benefit from sitting with him for some open, honest dialogue to get your business ‘unstuck’ and make more profit while having fun and doing what you love. I highly recommend you reach out to him.”

-Mark Bradley – LMN (Landscape Management Network) CEO

Get In The Game Course

Our time together will be front-end loaded with a Get in the Game Course. This is a 12-week quick-start program designed to help you better understand your business and what you need to do to get the results you want. It will equip you and your team with the same tools, practices, and know-how I have used to help my business grow and now use to teach others. You, too, can experience better financial results and lasting cultural change in your business.

The Experience
The Get in the Game Course is a coach-led, online course featuring group coaching sessions to maintain team accountability throughout the program as you complete your assignments. It also includes one-on-one calls with me to talk more deeply about your business. In addition to this 12-week course, you will be part of a non-competing peer group of landscapers that meets monthly for 4 hours to help ensure a successful implementation into your business.

During the course, you will have select access to The Great Game of Business online Community (I wish this were available when I started!), featuring training courses, collections, ask-a-coach access, and downloadable resources. Attend the Get in the Game Course led by me. I started to use GGOB almost two decades ago to operate my business, Creative Roots Landscaping, and I can honestly say that we would not even want to be in business if I couldn’t run it this way.

Who Is This For?
If you are an overwhelmed but ambitious business owner who’s ready for lasting cultural change and higher profits and committed to doing something about it, this will 100% work for you. It’s Simple, Just Not Easy.

In the words of Jack Stack from his 10
Higher Laws of Business…

“You Gotta Wanna.”  

(In other words. If you don’t want to put in the effort, this won’t work for you.) 

I was motivated to implement the Great Game of Business with Ryan to get my guys to be responsible to each other and to the customer, and not to me. I was trying to take myself out of the equation. It fits the bill perfectly.

-Joshua Aaron – CEO, J.AARON Custom Wood Countertops

Get In The Game Course


Session Details

Go through The Great Game of Business’ 10-steps of implementation alongside your classmates.

The On-Demand Get in The Game Workshop™ videos provided in the course were developed to give participants an in-depth view of open-book management and how they can effectively play The Game in their organizations. This video series is led by VP of The Great Game of Business Steve Baker. Steve guides pre-recorded impactful training sessions that include a detailed look at Great Game’s 10-step approach to Great Game Implementation.

When implemented correctly, MiniGames are proven to drive results, increase business literacy, build teamwork, and create an environment where winners are recognized and rewarded for generating results. During this online and interactive workshop, participants will learn the guidelines for an effective MiniGame and apply that knowledge directly by building a MiniGame.

Get the skills and tools you need to correctly implement this crucial component of The Game in this LIVE training session.

Developing basic financial literacy at all company levels is the first step toward helping individual employees realize how their decisions impact the bottom line. Basic online Financial Literacy workshops are designed to educate employees on the key financial metrics of a business in a non-threatening way. This is achievable using plain language and easy-to-understand examples.

12 Week Group Course + 1-on-1 Coaching for you and two of your key
employees. We will go through 10 steps to implement The Great Game of Business into your business.

Facilitated meetings will include instructional content, idea sharing, and accountability challenges.

You and two key employees will attend a 4-hour monthly peer group meeting with noncompeting landscape business leaders. We will address your ongoing concerns and roadblocks and, as a team, develop solutions. I love to share what worked and didn’t work for me. You will get a view of my own landscaping business and how we implemented, played, and have kept The Game alive for almost two decades. Together, we solve problems and ensure a successful implementation of the Great Game of Business.

$13,995 USD

The price includes up to 3 seats per company.
The course is designed for business owners and one, preferably two other key people from your company.

Starts Fall 2024
One Company Ticket – up to 3 attendees

12 Seats Only!


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