Let’s rethink your landscaping business

Business owners who are interested in hiring me typically don’t fail because their work isn’t good enough — it nearly always is. They struggle because:

  • Lack of Clear Vision: A company of like-minded and informed people on a mission will outperform one filled with people who are simply doing their job every day of the week. Most owners have a sense of clarity but have no idea how to share and use this most important tool, like they do a shovel to dig a hole.

  • Missing People Systems: Understanding the roles, accountabilities, and structure that are needed to fill every seat on the bus with the right person is vital. Building on a cycle of leadership development ensures the future will be in good hands as you scale your business and can’t do it all yourself.
  • Poor Financial Literacy: Understand and teach yourself and your employees about the numbers in a way that shines a light on the relationship between day-to-day actions and the outcome for everyone in the company. Learn how to build a meaningful reward system that considers the company’s health first.
  • Generic Positioning: Are you interchangeable? Your employees and clients should be nervous, thinking they might not be able to work with your company. Premium positioning sets the stage for charging a premium price. This, in turn, should bring higher profits. You can turn those profits into great things: paying your employees higher wages, sharing profit, maintaining equipment, or perhaps spending your winters in Mexico! Do you get my point?
  • No Succession Plan: Most business owners don’t truly know how to build lasting company value. Or they can’t see value without themselves embedded in the company. How do you get the most from your company’s value when it’s time to transition to a third party or your employees?

I don’t help you do your work better. I help you create an organization that can do better work in a sustainable, scalable manner.

Getting A Coach vs. Doing it Yourself

Almost every CEO considering The Great Game of Business asks themselves this question: should I self–implement or get a coach? The truth is, only you know what’s best for you and your company at this exact moment. I’ve known many companies who have taken The Great Game of Business system and implemented it independently – some saw great success while others struggled to get things off the ground. Learning by trial and error can be time-consuming and expensive, not to mention frustrating! Running a business is challenging enough without taking on the added responsibility of implementing new organizational processes. However, many have done it. Companies that have hired coaches have told me it was one of their best decisions. The added accountability, help with execution, years of experience, and getting results MUCH faster pays for itself. Whichever option you choose, I’d love to help. The GGOB online Community is a great place to start if you’re leaning towards self-implementing. If you decide you’re ready for a coach…I am your man, so let’s talk.


STEP 0: Help yourself to FREE info

I’m giving you access to some great learning tools so you can dig in and see if Open Book Management is right for you:

  • Subscribe to the Great Game + 21 Hats podcast.

  • Attend a monthly 90-minute live and interactive Discover the Game workshop to see if this suits you.

  • Get a FREE download of The Great Game of Business audiobook below.

STEP 1: Introductory phone call – Complimentary

If you are anything like me, your business is important to you. To get the best results, I work exclusively with business owners who share the following beliefs:

  • People at all company levels have the ability and desire to learn the business and actively contribute to its success.
  • By teaching people the business, I can begin to trust them to make better decisions.
  • I can teach people what I know about the business.
  • I don’t have all the answers to improving the business.
  • People should share in the wealth that they help create.
  • Being open and transparent with information creates benefits that far outweigh the drawbacks or risks.

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STEP 2: Choose the best method to get started

You can start with Open Book Management in one of the following ways:

If you’re ready to start your journey with Open Book Management in a group setting, then this is the place for you.


12-week Get-In-The Game Masterclass plus 9 months of 1-on-1 and peer support. I will coach you to implement Open Book Management into your landscaping business.

The Experience

The Get in the Game Online Course is a comprehensive, coach-led course featuring group coaching sessions to maintain team accountability as you complete your assignments. It also includes weekly one-on-one calls with me to talk in-depth about your business and your progress.

Following the initial 12-week course, you will be part of a peer group of landscapers that meets monthly for 4 hours to help ensure successful implementation in your business.

Duration: From commencement to completion, expect this to span 12 months. (there will be a “summer break” at a to-be-determined time during the 9 months following the course.)

Cost: $13,995 PER COMPANY up to THREE seats. Plus, any applicable taxes.

Payment Terms: Prepaid and non-refundable, sent before commencement. I am committed to helping you do this, and you need to be, too.

Open-Book Peer Group

Coaching Levels

There are 3 levels of implementation that I can help you with. See a description of each level below. Determining which level is right for your organization and the associated costs (typically $18,000 and up) will depend on where you’re at in your journey and how many levels make the best sense. The best way to take the next step is to book a free time to call with me.


If you’re not ready for any of the above options, you can book some flex time with me to discuss your challenges and work through them more informally. I have two options available:

5 hours Flex Time – $2,000

10 hours Flex Time – $3,500

You might see this as a hefty “soft cost” in your budget.

Investing in my time can strengthen and energize your resolve to take action in many possible ways. Adding or modifying a system of operation, implementing a self-funding profit share program, raising awareness of a key employee you should consider letting go…or fighting to retain could all be things that you could use some guidance on and are currently costing you time, energy, and money.

Too often, we landscapers think the only way to make money is by spending time on a machine or shovel. Simply making better business decisions has a much bigger impact on your short- and long-term success.

Within the 30 years I have spent as a landscape business owner, I’d be surprised if the cost of this flex time doesn’t pay off 10-fold in the first year.  If you do the work and make the changes, of course.