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OWNERSHIP RULE #8 of 14: “You Build an Ownership Culture by Breaking Down Walls.”

Another Insight from 30 Years at Creative Roots Landscaping 2024 marks my 30th year since I started Creative Roots Landscaping. Through trial and plenty of error, I have come to appreciate Jack Stack’s Ownership Rule #8’s crucial role in shaping the sound organizational culture that exists in our small landscaping business. The journey has been […]

OWNERSHIP RULE #7 of 14: “The BIG Benefits of Psychic and Actual Employee Ownership”

Selling equity to an employee can offer valuable learning experiences in ownership. Still, it won’t automatically turn them into entrepreneurs or have them fully grasp the responsibilities that come with it. Those bumps and bruises, the hard knocks, and all else you learned by trial and error are all part of the education that needs […]

OWNERSHIP RULE #4 of 14: “Stock is NOT a Magic Pill” Employee Ownership in the Landscape Industry

In the world of business, there are rules, principles, and strategies that have been tested and proven over time. Among these rules, as described by Jack Stack in his book A Stake in The Outcome, rule #4 stands out as a critical lesson for businesses of all sizes and industries: “Stock Is Not a Magic […]

OWNERSHIP RULE #1 of 14: “The Company is the Product.”

In the ever-evolving landscape industry, success hinges not only on the beauty of the environments we create but also on the innovative strategies we employ to run our businesses. One such transformative concept that has been making waves across various industries, including ours, is “The Company is the Product.” At its core, this concept encapsulates […]